Friday, December 19, 2008

"NO WAY!!"

That was the theme of this year's Christmas card photo session. Asher was being about as "two" as he could possibly get -- absolutely, positively without any shadow of a doubt refusing to cooperate with Sara and I when we were trying to take pictures of the kids. We tried bribery. We tried threats. We tried distractions. We failed miserably.

I guess all parent's probably go through this, but with the other two hams, we haven't had so many issues before. Oh sure, they would have their moments, but not the ENTIRE time! JJ and Hannah were good about it, although they also got tired of sitting/standing still while Asher screamed at the top of his lungs and tried to run away (we were trying to take pictures at the railroad station and around some of the old buildings on State Street, so I am sure people were thinking we were torturing the child).

So when you see the picture, you will understand the tears and "frosted" upper lip (yeah, my sleeve was covered in snot before we got halfway done).

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